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Scream Queen – feature starring Hetty Baynes Russell & Simon Callow.

The screenplay won Best Comedy Screenplay at Silver Scream Fest 2018, won Best Feature Length International Screenplay at the Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019, and placed Semi-finalist at Final Draft’s Big Break 2019.

WIN LAURELS                            WINNER BEST INTERNATIONAL SCREENPLAY - Houston Comedy Film Festival - 2019-2                               semifinalist big break

When agent to the stars Leo Krippelman sets a plan in motion to publicly humiliate and exact revenge on his old mentor Alex Barry, the last thing he expects is to rekindle the flame of Alex’s number one (and last surviving) client’s career, Blanche Dumas

SCREAM QUEEN‘s farcical tone and outrageous/bloody disgusting cartoonish humour make for a moviegoing experience marketable to all four quadrants (over 17).

SEMI-FINALIST - New York City International Screenplay Awards - 2019

London, New Year’s Eve…
Rescued from oblivion and cast by evil Leo as the butt of a very cruel joke, Blanche Dumas will prove that – after eleven years in AA and thirty-six hours sober – all a disgraced Scream Queen Legend afflicted with  Tourrett’s needs to come back with a bang is a little twist of fate, a pinch of delusion and a will to… blackmail.

If only Alex Barry, his gambling debts to some very disreputable East End crooks, and Blanche’s struggle with vodka addiction would stop interfering… Houston-Comedy-Laurel-White BG

Will the Joan Collins obsessed and original final girl from ‘Fucking, Austria’ – star of such VHS classics as ‘Empire of the Crabs and Weekend of Fear at the Castle of the Circular Saw’ – get her much coveted comeback? The answer is to be found at the end of 48 hours of hilarious and delirious madness.

Sprinkled with trailers from Blanche’s outrageous career, Scream Queen is a heavily intoxicating cocktail laced with enough profanity to make Lenny Bruce blush in his grave.

Featured in the 2018 issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland.

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